BaylyBlog: Out of Our Minds, Too
Our senior pastor Tim Bayly and his brother David (pastor of Christ the Word Presbyterian Churchin Toledo, OH) maintain a very active blog. Click the link below to check it out.

Clearnote Fellowship
Clearnote Fellowship works to unite churches bound by a common confession of the reformed faith, a common commitment to advance the kingdom of God, and a common conviction that the local church is the principal means God has appointed to proclaim the Gospel. Find out more at
Clearnote Pastor's College

A central part of Clearnote Fellowship's mission is training men for the pastorate. If there are to be faithful churches that will continue to build God’s Kingdom, they must be led by faithful pastors.

CNPC is hosted by Clearnote Church, Bloomington, IN and maintains a close working relationship with Reformed Evangelical Pastors College (PCA) in Toledo, OH, sharing curriculum and classes via video conferencing.  Find out more about Clearnote Pastor's College at

Music and Liturgy

The Clearnote Songbook is a resource available for free to all churches. You can listen to the music, download charts and chords and lyrics, and even buy the songs over on bandcamp. There is also a section on liturgy here. For more information on why we built the Songbook, click here.

See what's new with our band and find concert info at

Clearnote Campus Fellowship
Clearnote Campus Fellowship (CNCF) is a Christian student organization (or campus ministry) at Indiana University commissioned by the elders and pastors of Clearnote Church, Bloomington. Visit their website here.
Confessions, Catechisms

The Westminster Confessions and Catechism are great resources to better understand Biblical, Reformed theology.