About Us

Here's a bit of our history: Clearnote Church (formerly Church of the Good Shepherd) was established on August 20, 1996 by an assembly of believers united by a commitment to stand faithful to all of God’s commands—especially the ones our culture hates the most. Before moving to our current location, our fellowship owned two other properties on the southeast side of Bloomington. God had other plans for us, though, and we sold these and moved to the west side to build God’s kingdom here. We moved into our current building—we call it our church-house—in 2007.

For a copy of our bylaws, click here.

Clearnote Church is reformed and evangelical. In a nutshell, this means:

  • Reformed: We believe that salvation is all God’s work in us, and none of our own work. Salvation comes only through God's free gift of Jesus Christ, not by our own efforts to earn His grace. God, the all-powerful, sovereign ruler, has given us the Bible, the only infallible guide to how we should live to His glory.
  • Evangelical: The essence of the Gospel is that all who are born again will go to heaven. More specifically, we proclaim these essential parts of the Gospel:
    1. Scripture alone: We believe that the Bible is God’s inspired Word and it’s absolutely true. It’s also where we learn about man’s sin, God’s gracious gift of eternal life, and how we are to please Him as followers of Christ.
    2. Christ alone: We believe that Christ, in His death, received the punishment we deserve for our sins, and that He is our only hope for salvation.
    3. Grace alone: We believe that God has given His grace to us freely, and there’s nothing we can do to deserve His mercy.
    4. Faith alone: We believe that faith is the only way we can receive God’s free gift of grace to us.
    5. For the Glory of God alone: We believe that “salvation is of the Lord,” and that He deserves all the glory for His works in the past, present, and future.